Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Service (Radio)

The Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Services was established in 1965 with equipment left by the British army unit, the Gordon Highlanders. The army flew into Swaziland to quell a series of rolling pro-independence strikes that were being orchestrated by the progressive political parties led by the Swaziland Progressive Party of Prince Dumisa.

It was established by Ian Aers, a telegraph technician at the Mbabane Post Office. When it was taken over by the Government in 1966, it was first situated on the Malagwane hill South of Mbabane, the station subsequently moved to its present location on the Northern border of the city and adjoins the Mbabane Club and the Prince of Wales Stadium. Its first broadcaster was David Thandokuhle Shongwe.


In recent history the station has been the target of a series of arson attacks that have been blamed on dissident political groups. The station broadcasts 24 hours in two channels; one SiSwati and the other English, and is the largest media organization on Swaziland with a staff of 140.

Its director is Percy Simelane.